Going to the market

Ellie was the bell at the ball market today! If you want to double the time it takes to get your shopping done, take this little cutie with you, have her facing out instead of in, and put in a beautiful bow brought to you by the wonderful Stephanie over at brilliant bows! I saw vendors smile that I didn’t think were capable of it! Other vendors were yelling at each other to look at Ellie because she was so cute. I’ve never seen grown men gush so loudly nor get their voices so high pitched.

And, of course, Ellie being the sweetie she is, just stared at them with her big blue eyes, big sweet cheeks, with drool running down her face.



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2 responses to “Going to the market

  1. sherrybby2

    I can see why they can’t help themselves! Her mama’s pretty cute, too! Stephanie and I took Hope to Nashville when she was about Klara’s age, and I remember that it would surprise me if someone didn’t smile, stop us, or make a comment. Some babies are just that cute!

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