Who would do that?!

People have a wide variety of reactions when they hear I had a baby at home. I imagine that most of them think in their head, “Who would do that?!” And, to be honest, I would have thought the same thing this time last year. Why would anyone do that? Isn’t it dangerous? Who cleans up the mess?Isn’t that only for hippies?

One wise woman once told me that we make decisions with the information that we have at the time. When I found out I was pregnant with Ellie I was planning on having her at a public hospital here in Hungary. But, after going to the hospital for the initial blood tests and finding not a drop of hand soap or toilet paper in the joint, I thought that we needed to add some options to the table.

We started doing research about homebirth. Among many videos we watched “The Business of Being Born” and that was very informative and encouraging in the homebirth direction. Additionally, we met with a midwife to talk about the process, read tons and tons of books, and ultimately made the decision that we felt more comfortable having our baby at home if possible. Turns out, it’s quite safe if mother and baby are healthy, you have a qualified health professional who knows what they are doing to help, and have back-up options available. We are a stones throw from the university hospital here in Hungary, so I knew if there were an emergency we would be okay. Additionally, I trusted that my midwife would not take any undue risks and would have me transfer immediately if the smallest risk appeared.

At the end of the day, I’m of the opinion that a woman should have a baby in the place that makes her feel the most safe. I think if you are in a good environment you are significantly more likely to have a positive birth experience. I’m so thankful that we considered homebirth and were able to do it. I hope for future children that that will be an option that’s available to us. It’s sad how medicalized birth has become. Instead of a natural process that our bodies were created to do, it’s turned into major abdominal surgery for 30% of women. Thank the Lord that technology is available to save lives, but it’s sad that it’s overused so often and so unnecessarily.





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