New Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

Wow. Living over here never gets dull. Today I am congratulating myself on my new most embarrassing moment, or rather moments, ever.

As Ellie and I did our usual market shopping we were of course swamped by the crowds swooning over her cuteness. Before heading off to the market my neighbor had taught me the word for dimple in Hungarian, so I was actively trying to get her to show off her dimples. In order to do this I kind of poke her cheeks and say, “tsi tsi tsi tsi tsi”. It’s just the mama voice I usually make when ticking Ellie or trying to get her to laugh. I’ve been doing this for FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS. I was telling one of the vendors that she has dimples and using my usual trick to get her to smile. The man responded to me in Hungarian, “That’s not cici, this is” and gestured to his chest. I thought he was being crass and I was a little put off.

Not too long after my friend Jennifer stopped by and I related the story. She informed me that “Cici” in Hungarian, which sounds exactly like my “tsi tsi tsi” means boobie. Yes, boobie. Now, stop for a minute, imagine a foreigner walking through the grocery store smiling at their baby and others around saying, “boobie boobie boobie boobie.” And, yes, ladies and gentleman, you have me.



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4 responses to “New Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

  1. Oops. Well, it was nice of you to give some Hungarians a laugh! In addition to showing off your cute baby…

  2. Danika

    I once walked into a grocery store in Af and unknowingly asked if they had any v*ginas. I couldn’t understand why the shopkeeper was so uncomfortable helping me find what I needed. I don’t think I ever went back to that store.

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  4. This. Is. Awesome.

    Thank you!

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