Die Hard 5

Bruce Willis and his buds are in town filming Die Hard 5. Apparently the setting (spoiler alert) is going to be in Russia. Interesting. Here are a few photos we took one block from our house where they are filming this week!

Bruce’s double? His stunt man?

Where did they get all these Russian license plates?

The villian?

Russian cafe

Need to make a call?

No Bruce sightings yet, but tomorrow Ellie and I have big plans to meet him…. not sure if he has big plans to meet us. I’ve already had several conversations with him in my head. I imagine him seeing Ellie, remarking on how beautiful she is, and insisting she make an appearance in the movie. I then negotiate that I also be allowed in the movie. He says that’s fine. I’ve never met a movie star before, so I’m a little new at conversations with movie stars.

Ellie’s not really into action films just yet, maybe she’ll be more interested when she starts in one!


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