Breaking up with Budapest

Has anyone ever dumped you? There’s a pretty standard drill for chicks when they’ve been dumped. All your girlfriends gather together, listen to you rehash every detail of the time you spent together and the break up itself, you gorge yourself on ice cream, possibly watch a romantic comedy, and then, everyone collectively contributes to all the terrible things about your ex and convince you of why you are better off anyway, even though you weren’t the one doing the dumping and probably didn’t want to end the relationship. However, by the end of the list you may come to the conclusion, at least for a minute or two, that you are, indeed, better off anyway.

We’re leaving Budapest soon, so I cannot help but relish all the things I love about this city and our life here. But, in an effort to help myself detach, I’m going to come up with a break-up list that will remind me in the end why I’m better off without Budapest. (No offense intended, just my twisted psychological way of moving on).

1) I’m ready to live somewhere where people appreciate my attempts at learning the language. The other day I bumped into some Turks on a train. When I realized they were Turkish I said in Turkish, “We’re going to Szentendre.” And, they.went.nuts. Man, it made me feel good!

2) I want more free stuff, or at least discounts! The other day I was floored when the vendor at a bead shop gave me a bracelet for Ellie’s teething. This NEVER happens here! I mean, it doesn’t always have to be free. But, can a girl get a discount or a decent coupon once in awhile?!

3) Ask me how I am?! Tell me to have a good day!? Is it so much to ask that the vendor at least pretend that you aren’t ruining their day by buying groceries and standing in their line?

4) Walking is hazardous here. First of all, you will be right behind someone and they don’t inch to the right or to the left to let you by. You have to announce yourself, they act surprised, and then move. Beware, they will certainly be annoyed by the inconvenience you caused them. Or, better yet, you’ll be right behind them and they will stop dead in their tracks to tie their shoe almost causing a wreck on the sidewalk! Scott and I now rate them on a scale from 1-10 on how good they are at almost causing us permanent joint damage from the frequent jolts. We have also observed that they seem to be teaching their children as well.

5) Get hand soap in your hospitals! And toilet paper!



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