Family day and Ellie is 5 months old!

Today we celebrated Ellie turning five months. Here she is eating her sign and hanging out with Molly.

Periodically throughout the day I would take note of the time and Scott and I would talk about what we were doing that same time on January 24th. Such fun memories! We got the blessing of a lifetime with this one. She is absolutely sweet, so much fun, and a joy. She has big cheeks, big blue eyes, darling dimples and big thunder thighs. We joke that subtlety isn’t her strong suit. She gives kisses, but does it with an open mouth. She can play a very long time on her own having fun figuring out how to manipulate this and that toy or how to kick it with her strong legs. She is a huge fan of books and loves when I sing her the ABC’s. Lucky for her I sing the ABC’s almost every time I change her, so she’ll be an expert in no time! She’s extremely happy, portable, and most of the time easy as pie. She usually gets sad when men besides Scott hold her. She’ll stick out her bottom look and look at me pleading to rescue her. If I don’t then she cries. It’s so sad but cute! It’s darling how her face lights up when she sees her dad.

Since we’ll be leaving Budapest soon, we decided today would be a good day to explore and to show Ellie some of the great things the city she was born in has to offer.

Here we are headed out (not unlike 5 months ago!) I carried the baby and Scott carried the bag. A good compromise on a hot day.

Ellie eats anything and everything in sight. Notice the charming graffiti on the bus seats.

Family photo. Notice the charming fabric on the bus seats.

We live in a beautiful city! The Parliament and Danube are in the background. Poor Ellie didn’t get a great view with her big hat on.

Scott took this lovely picture. We are surrounded by some amazing architecture.

We cleverly sought shelter from the sweltering heat down in the labyrinth under Castle Hill. I nursed Ellie in the cool and this is Scott burping her.

Yummy lunch. Potato drenched in pork deliciousness. Someone is a little jealous I think.

Scott enjoying a cold one on the tram ride home. We’ll have to remind him he can’t do that while we are in the States this summer.


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One response to “Family day and Ellie is 5 months old!

  1. Ha sorry you can’t enjoy a cold one in public when you get here…enjoy! Can’t wait to see you guys!

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