Life Lately

Well, to describe life as of late..

Just finished reading The Rosary by Florence Barclay, David Copperfield by Charles Dickins and Operating Instructions by Anne Lammott. All interesting reads.

Currently, reading Platform by Michael Hyatt.

Working on my new blog that will launch some time in the fall. It’s a blog designed to help women raising children in Istanbul and abroad. Since Budapest Moms was such a huge resource for me, I want to provide a similar resource for women in Istanbul.

Speaking of Istanbul, we’re in full moving mode. Everything must go! We’re trying to sell everything. Moving our items is just far too expensive, so we’re selling it all and starting from scratch… again. Boo do I hope this is the last time we move for some time. Our three years married have been far too action packed.

2009- Got married. I moved from Chicago to California, and Scott from Turkey to California, to begin our lives together.

2010- International move. Scott started PHD program.

2011- Spent the summer apart- Scott in Turkey me in USA. Moved across town. I was pregnant most of the year.

2012- Had a baby. Moved from Budapest to Istanbul.

2013- I’m thinking we need to slow this roller coaster down and ride the carousel for one year!

We’re also packing to come to the USA for 3 and a half weeks! I’m dreaming of air conditioning, tazo chai cream frappuccinos, jimbalaya, shrimp fajitas, Target, Trader Joes, mountains, beaches, English, and most of all, hugging so many people who are dear to me. We hope to see you there!



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