Baby’s First Flight

We successfully managed to get from Budapest, Hungary to Moreno Valley, California. Our trip took 32 hours total and included an Ergo, a taxi, 3 planes, numerous shuttles and buses, a few escalators and elevators, and a Toyota Highlander.We took three flights, and had two, 4 hour layovers. I’m not exaggerating when I say Ellie was a dream. Flight attendants and passengers on all flights remarked on how smiley, happy and friendly she was. The people on our nine and a half hour flight looked at Ellie with dread when they realized when they were sitting near a baby. Who wouldn’t? But, after the flight, they were remarking with surprise and happiness that she didn’t fuss even once! The flight attendant told me that she had never seen such a good-natured baby. I’d say the hardest part was nursing. Ellie just wanted to play, so kept trying to pull the cover off! It was a battle of wills. Anyone else’s kid would rather starve than miss out on a moment to play or soak up the surroundings?

Here are some of the photos from start to finish. We got up at 2:35am to get out the door by 3:30 to catch our taxi. Ellie was up with us and ready to party!

Playing with mommy at 3 in the morning.

Ellie thinks the passport is a toy to be eaten.

First flight ever! From Budapest to Frankfurt.

For our long flight we had a bassinet. This was such a huge relief! Ellie slept comfortably.

World’s best traveling buddy and mule- my sweet hubby. He can’t bring himself to smile for photos. He’d rather make a double chin. I think this was after being up for a long time, and we were both quite loopy.

E displaying her teething face. She’s been doing this and it’s a little scary but funny!

Lufthansa give the babies a present- a stuffed animal of a crow hatching out of an egg. Crow? Can someone explain that please.

In Atlanta we got Starbucks. Ah.. Scott had to shush me because I was so loopy and apparently talking about how happy I was to be in the land of the free and the home of the brave.




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