We’re still having fun!

Ellie with her future mother-in-law and one of her suitors.

Ellie with one of her suitors. Hopefully he dresses a little more appropriately on future dates. And, hopefully she’ll have a better hairstyle on future dates.

Ellie’s first time at Flip Flops.

The teachers sent her home with a sweet note. I’m not surprised she was a perfect angel, just glad. As any mother, I was of course nervous the first time I left my baby.

She has a host of funny smiles. This is her darling outfit she wore to church! It was a gift from Aunt Holly and her stylish cousin, Kendall.

Eli wanted to pretend to be a baby. He got under the mobile and started making baby noises. So funny!

We had a girls’ day in Palm Springs on Saturday and Danielle watched Ellie. What a great babysitter- even matching the baby’s outfit! So cute! Ellie had a ball.

First time in a car seat.

Snuggling with Brooke.

Meeting Tia for the first time!


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  1. So having fun!!!!!! Love the Rank’s!

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