To America and Back

Boy was it a whirl and a good time. We saw tons of people we love, ate lots of delicious food, spent time on beaches and in the mountains, celebrated our third wedding anniversary and my birthday, and simply had a great time. Here are a zillion pictures to prove it. I think our last post highlighted Riverside. After Riverside we spent time in Big Bear, Ft. Sumter South Carolina, and Hilton Head South Carolina.

Juliann and Ellie. This was a typical setting when they were both awake: Juliann wanting to hold Baby Ellie, and Ellie wanting to eat her fist.

I guess when we have kids we forget to take pictures of the adults. This is the only one I have of any of us adults in the mountain. Ellie had lots of fun getting to know Jill, and we ladies (including our friend Rochelle) had a fun time catching up.

I didn’t catch Josh or Rochelle on camera, but this is their sweet girl Lucy. Unfortunately, Lucy has live in LA too long. You see she is teaching Ellie gang symbols.

August joined the ranks of boys that are trying to swoon Ellie. He tried to charm her by showing her how well he could take the lid off and put it back on the canister.

Scott with Liana, Charlie with Ellie. I’m sure these girls and guys will be doing lots of father-daughter camping trips in the future.

Ellie and Liana are well on their way to BFF status.

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary while in Riverside. It was so much fun to go out for a night on the town with my honey.

Lots of firsts for this trip. Ellie’s first time eating solids. Avocado it is! Mmmmmhhmmm.

Ellie and my mama playing on the beach. Both Grandma and Ellie adored one another.

Ellie with her uncle Sid and Uncle Tim. Hard to believe but my brothers are twins.

My nephew Kris. We were lucky enough to get to celebrate his 5th birthday with him! He’s a very fun kid.

Scott took Ellie to touch the ocean for the first time. Notice how Ellie puts the thunder in thunder thighs.

Who would’ve expected that we’d see our dear friends from Budapest in South Carolina?! Lucky us that we were able to see Jenn and Daniel again. Ellie was thrilled!

Here we all are. So surreal. Not six months ago we were all together in Budapest.

Aunt Holly and Ellie are clearly enamored with one another.

First bike ride. Aunt Brooke got Ellie the amazingly cute outfit with hat to match!

My niece, Kendall, teaching Ellie the ways of the world of eating solids. You can see Ellie is excited to learn all she can from her older and wiser cousin.

Slumber party! Not really, but in a couple of years we will be having them. Fun!

All of us together one beautiful morning at Hilton Head.

While in South Carolina we celebrated my 28th birthday. Scott and Maureen made me an amazing birthday breakfast: Cream cheese and orange marmalade stuffed french toast with berries.

Grammy with her littlest girlie.

We were lucky to get to go on a boat tour to see dolphins. Ellie zonked out but woke up a little later, in time to see our little friends swimming around our boat.

Also, we spent a day in Savannah, Georgia. What a beautiful town! Just bring an umbrella if you visit in the summer. You never know when the rain will hit.

Clearly all the fun wore Ellie out. She’s totally out at the airport, slept 90% of our 10 hour flight, and slept the whole night when we got home!

































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3 responses to “To America and Back

  1. Great pictures, Melissa! I’m glad you had such a great trip. Too bad you didn’t make it to the Illinois/WI area 🙂 Will be praying for your coming adjustment to Turkey!

    • I know Steph! There are just too many great places with great people all over the globe. I do miss Illinois! I hope to visit again someday. In other news, Ellie wears a brilliant bow every single day and I’m constantly telling people how great they are!

  2. I love it! Great recap! So awesome to spend some time with you.

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