Some Sure Signs You Live in Turkey

The entrance to your apartment that seemed fine in the morning has completely collapsed before noon and no one knows why.

Morning play time is on a Turkish rug.

Favorite food is hearty, thick Turkish yogurt.

Family walks are along the Bosphorus.

You see balloons and think birthday party. But, no, it’s a wedding!







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3 responses to “Some Sure Signs You Live in Turkey

  1. Oh Chappy….soooooo wonderful to know that you are where you knew God wanted you to be so many years ago. You have been faithful and even more so, HE has been faithful.

  2. Aunt Jan Collins

    Scott, Melissa, & Ellie
    Wally and I love following your adventure blog. We are glad to read you
    are in Turkey, you choice of destination for a long time.
    Scott, Mike and Donna came to visit Wally and I the weekend of Aug. 25-26.
    We enjoyed being together.
    Scott and Melissa, your daughter Ellie is truly beautiful. What a lucky girl she
    is to have you for parents. You will love her and show her how wonderful our Lord and Savior is by modeling your walk with Him.
    Much love sent to you.
    Aunt Jan & Uncle Wally

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