Keepin Crafty

Do you ever just get an itch to create something and you can’t sit still until you do? Well, yesterday I had an itch that needed some scratchin’. So, I loaded up my kid, set out on a great adventure to a yarn store, bought some yarn, and crocheted up a little beanie for my little sweetie. I’ll be the first one to admit I’m pretty rusty, but it was a couple of hours well spent. Once I remembered how to crochet a beanie it was smooth sailing.

I don’t know how to make flowers yet, so I attached one for the time being just to see how it would look.

I was checking out the placement of the bow. Cute! And, what sweet blue eyes. Maybe I should do a blue beanie for her?

Oops. Now she’s checking out the bow placement! Guess I need to get something a little more permanent crocheted on there.





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3 responses to “Keepin Crafty

  1. Waverley

    I found your lovely blog from your comment on a story at incourage. How great to find that you also knit. I have been in Istanbul for about a year now with my husband and 5 kids. A group of us meets at least once a month to knit. We’d love to have you join us. You can find us on Ravelry in the group Knitstanbul. I am LoveRay.

  2. Waverley

    We accept crocheters as well. : ) It’s a fun group. I hope you can join us. There is another knitter who comes from the Asian side by ferry so if you want you could meet and ride over with him. If you post on the October meet up thread on the Knitstanbul ravelry group, you can meet him and see if it would work.

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