8 Months

Tomorrow Ellie turns 8 months. I know everyone says it, but the time flies so fast. The past eight months are a blur of hard work, fun and absolute joy. Scott and I were talking today about how much fun our life is now with Ellie. What did we even do for entertainment before her?

She’s learned so much in 8 months. I remember holding her sweet, tiny body when she was born. I was beside myself with fear for what lay ahead. What if I do something wrong? How can I be a mother? Now being Ellie’s mom is as natural as breathing.

Ellie has countless fun ways that she likes to express herself. She says “hey” and “mama” a lot. She waves, claps her hands, plays her drum, gives kisses, hugs, and smiles all the time. Boy can she move! It’s fun to see her exploring and learning about the world around her.

And the girl was born to live in Turkey! She loves, loves, loves all the attention. Turks go crazy over her eyes that are “blue like the sea” as they say. Her favorite foods are cucumber and plain yogurt which are in abundance here. It also helps that her name is Turkish.

Her favorite place is the grocery store near our house that we go to most everyday. When we walk in all the employees run up and shout, “Elanur!” They take turns fight over holding her. She likes the produce section because there are lots of mirrors and she can admire her sweet little reflection. The butcher always insists on getting a green onion from the produce section for her to munch on. It’s seriously like Disneyland for her. And, it’s great for me because I get to practice Turkish.

Her name should be Curly Sue! This is what her hair looked like when she woke up the other morning.Scott calls her our little carrot because you looks like she has a carrot top with her hair. When we were hiking recently we saw a sign for wild rabbits. He told Eleanor to be careful because the rabbits might think she were a carrot and come snacking on her.

Here are some other photos of our little sweetie.

Helping mama crochet.

My little ham.

Ellie has been teething 90% of her life. Scott told her to stop crying wolf and just teethe already!

I wish my camera took better pics. But, I melt anyway when I look at this photo. I think I’m going to go wake Ellie up. I miss her now.

On our way to church today.

She loves me.

Having fun exploring the package our small group sent us. Thank you guys!

We read ALL THE TIME! I’ve been reading farm animal books to help her get in touch with her Iowa roots.

Last night we had dinner with dear friends. Scott lived with Cunet and Hatice when he was a young buck, so it’s fun for them to see him now with wife and kid.











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2 responses to “8 Months

  1. Bethany

    She is so precious!

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