1 Month Update

We’ve been here now for a little over one month and I can honestly say it feels like returning home. Turkey is such a special place to our family, and we’re delighted to be back. We’ve had fun making new friends and reconnecting with old friends, learning our neighborhood, and jumping back into Turkish once again. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

Honestly, I think one of the top things has been reconnecting with my dear friend, Elif. I met Elif 8 years ago when I came here as a college student to take a course to learn about Islam. I was chubby and had braces, and Elif still let me be her friend! She introduced Ellie and I to her sweet nephew, Ceyhun ,when they came over for breakfast this past Saturday.

Look at that amazing curly hair!

Elif teaching Ellie to walk. Elif’s convinced Ellie will walk before crawling. We shall see!

Our friends from Hungary, Janos and Karolina, were visiting Istanbul and took time out of their schedule to have dinner with us in a fun part of town, Kadikoy.

Although I’m quite the novice, I’ve had so much fun crocheting lots of hats recently! I found a yarn store near here and Eleanor and I like to go hang out there on Fridays. There are often sweet old people there, and old people are the easiest to chat with in Turkish! Plus, they are typical Turks- warm, gracious and nuts about Ellie. So, we like hanging out with them.

Ellie has been working on her Angelina Jolie impression. Pretty impressive I’d say!






























In other news, I’ve been busy learning Turkish. I started classes this week, and it will be quite the investment of time! Scott has to watch Ellie while I’m gone, so he makes up for the lost time in work in the evenings and on the weekends. Sadly, this won’t be a very fun month for our family, but it’s a necessary one and one that we’ll be thankful for in the long run! When I’m home with Ellie we have a ball playing together, listening to the Secret Garden audiobook, playing at the park, making friends in the neighborhood, and reading lots.

I’ve also been busy with cooking and cleaning as usual which is quite the feat because in Budapest I could find most of the ingredients I needed! There are some things Americans are used to using in cooking such as vanilla extract, vinegar, brown rice and pumpkin that are easy to find elsewhere, but not here!  Lately, as a treat after the sweetie pie is in bed, I’ve been reading for fun. When I had Ellie I remember thinking I’d never read for fun again, so I’m happy to report I was wrong. I’m currently reading Little Women and I think it is my favorite book of all time. On the Kindle it’s free and you can read the second part that print copies often don’t include. Additionally, Scott and I just started watching a British Miniseries called Sherlock Holmes and it’s such a good show. We’re not big TV fans, don’t even own one, but this is a show worth watching! We can’t go out for date night just yet, so this is a fun stay in option for us.

Someone once told me they’d love to be a fly on the wall in Scott’s mind. That’s how I feel. He’s really busy with his studies, and I see the wheels in his brain constantly turning. He walks around the house muttering in Turkish and I really wonder what is going on in there! I guess it’s a busy job untangling the mysteries of the Ottoman Empire!

I’m interested to see what adventures this month will bring.




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6 responses to “1 Month Update

  1. Only 1 month! I am so impressed by your organisation and positivity. It is so great you are getting a chance for Turkish lessons too, a great investment. I really wish I could have done it. Hope this next month is lovely for all of you.

    • Oh thank you Julia! I’m so impressed by the photos I see on your blog. Are you a professional photographer?

      • Thank you so much. I love taking pictures and am just hoping to get good enough to take pictures of other peoples children too. It would be such a lovely thing to help capture those tiny things about our children that move us so much and then are gone. Neve is definitely my last child so I suppose I am very aware that hers is the last downy neck I will snuggle, or little body I will nourish. It is also such a victory that we have managed to bring this family together and do what is right for all four of them so it feels great to celebrate that. Oh and we loved Sherlock Holmes too.

  2. Allison

    We love Sherlock Holmes! Isn’t it great!? Also, I am so glad you love Little Women. That book was so pivotal, I felt like Marmi was discipling me! Ha. But seriously…it’s amazing. Glad you are doing well. Ellie is gorgeous and you are a fabulous mamma. Thanks for writing….I always get such good ideas from you!

  3. Marcella

    Glad to hear things are tranistioning well! And glad to hear you’ve been able to connect with my sis. Wish I could hang out with you guys too! What a small world…who would have ever thought you’d be living so close together! Ellie is a doll. 😉

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