My Christmas Picks- Ideas for your holiday shopping

Did you know that Christmas is less than 3 months away?! Ellie and I rocked out to Celine Dion’s Christmas this morning. Ah how I do love the holidays! In case you are searching for some ideas for those you love, here are some of my picks.*

For Mamas:

Kindle: I never thought I’d read for fun again after I had Ellie. I’m happy to report I was wrong. You may or may not have read my blog post on how I feel about my Kindle, but it’s the best gift for a mom in my opinion. Who has two hands to keep a paper back open anyway?

Spirit-led parenting– My favorite book to date on being a mother with a baby. I felt that every other book I read tried to force myself and my baby in a box, and this one was the one that was a breath of fresh air. It was very encouraging, reminded me that I was the mama, to put all books down (ironically) and to pay attention to and love my baby. So refreshing!

Ergo– Ah! How do people live without these? Well, I suppose most people don’t live in a city of 18 million where the hills and curbs seem that they are out to get you rather than to help you. At any rate, love, love, love my Ergo. I enjoy having my baby near me, and she enjoys being up high and seeing the world the way I see it. I started using this after Ellie was 4 months. The pocket is especially helpful for this mama who also doesn’t want to lug around a purse.

Moby Wrap– I think I wore this daily for the first 3 months of Ellie’s life. It was sweet to have her so close and cuddly. She was a winter baby, and I was nervous about keeping her warm enough while outdoors. When on me, it was so easy to check on her and make sure she was happy as a clam. Also, baby wearing is much appreciated by your little ones in their first months outside their mama cocoon.

The Well-Trained Mind– A great book on classical education that gives you some pointers on how to start from birth.

White noise machine- Give the gift of sleep! Babies love white noise, and with this specific machine we enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

ABC blocks- Okay, I’m an educator, so please don’t be so shocked that I love these toys for my daughter. Melissa and Doug have tons of great ideas and options for toys.

Castile Soap– I prefer to avoid toxins in our house at all costs, and this is a great way to do it! This soap can be used for tons of different cleaning options including laundry detergent and body wash, so why not get it?!

Bio-kult probiotic– Okay, not exactly a Christmas gift, but a gift to your Christmas season for sure. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it’s when I’ve been eating tons of sugar and junk food. This pro-biotic will help you to maintain your health during this cold and flu season when germs are up and defenses are down. I take this daily year round, but up the dosage when I feel a bug coming on.

Books and Music

All In: From Refugee Camp to Poker Champ– Such a great true story about a guy who survived war and ended up being the 2007 World Poker Champ! I love happy endings.

Home Alone Christmas Album– My favorite Christmas Music CD of all time.


Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free products- If you’ll be doing any baking for gluten-free friends or family, I recommend this brand of flour. It’s my favorite. In fact, I don’t even feel like I miss gluten at all with this flour in my life.

* Disclaimer- If you purchase these products via my link I will receive a small commission with no additional cost to you. I would greatly appreciate it if you do intend to purchase these products if you do so through my page. Thank you!


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