Help Us Make a House a Home

In short: if you are planning to make Christmas or any purchases through Amazon please go through this link and shop away. It’s no additional cost to you and I receive a small commission on whatever you purchase. WIN-WIN!

In long….

We are currently living in our 5th home and 3rd country since getting married 3 years ago. Whew! Soon we’ll move to a flat that I really, really hope to make home for some time. You know what I keep telling Scott concerning this home? I want a home I don’t have to apologize for. As newlyweds it’s pretty normal to have a house full of hand-me-downs, mostly used items, and mismatching furniture. However, I said sorry too many times in the past few years for the tiny dining room table that wiggled when guests cut their chicken, or the bathroom that was freezing in the winter, or the cheap air mattresses that deflated on our friends and family in the middle of the night. We live in a culture that values hospitality, and I want to make sure that our home is also a home that values hospitality, but also a home I’m comfortable hosting others in.

I don’t need fancy or expensive or even something that’s all that great in many peoples’ eyes. I want a simple, clean, comfortable place that feels like home to us. I want six dining room chairs that match so we have more than 2 people over without some of us needing to eat on the floor! I’d like guests to have nice, soft, plush towels to dry off with (our old towels exfoliated our skin.) I’d love for my mother-in-law to sleep on a bed when she visits, not a thick mattress pad on the floor!

So, how can you help? Well, the good news is that in a very simple, and NO COST way, you can help us invest in some more fun things for our place. If anytime in the near future (i.e. Christmas, etc) you are planning to purchase something through Amazon, just enter the website through this page. Any purchases you make I will receive a small commission for, but it won’t cost you one extra penny! WIN-WIN!

And, when you come to visit us in Istanbul, I’ll have no excuse for mismatching sheets on your bed!


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  1. Tami Borgens

    Dammit.just ordered stuff but Christmas I go crazy on there..

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