A man’s Christmas List

Sadly today we had to send our dear friends Derek and Darren back home. On the upside, I was so happy they stayed with us here in Istanbul. It’s fun to share our home and daily life with people. Additionally, two really good things happened. One night Derek made dinner.

Here are the guys about to enjoy the scrumptious meal!

I’m so happy I’m breastfeeding because no matter how full I get I’m never that full and can keep eating. So, that’s what I did to the delicious Asian meal he made. Well, I also may have drooled a little.

The second good thing was I sat all of the guys down and had a talking to with them. I asked them what are some good man gifts for Christmas. That way, if you, like me, don’t know what to get your hubby, brother, dad, cousin-in-law, then you have some good ideas right here! And, if you go to Amazon through my page I receive a small commission with no cost to you! That would make my Christmas Merry, so please help out if you plan to shop at Amazon. Thanks!


Ipad– Apparently they are all the rage.

Kindle Fire– I do have a Kindle, and I love it! I’m a little bit of a Kindle evangelist.

MacBook Case– In case you’d like to look like you work for the CIA.

Manly Thermostat– America is awesome. We invent amazing things.

Wireless Video Camera– Again… Wow!

High Tech Switch- This is far too high tech for me. I cannot even describe what it is.

Pointer– In case you are lecturing and want to impress.

Head phones– I can’t hear you. Speak up!

Camera- I want this!


Manly hat

Shirt– This one was recommended by not the guy I would think it was recommended by.


Protein powder– yum?

Shoes– New year’s resolution anyone?

Shoes– ….

Fat fryer– Fries anyone? For after your run that is…

Every man needs a knife– a Swiss one, that is

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!




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