Goose egg- a sure sign your baby is soon to be a toddler

Don’t worry. She’s okay. I’m okay. We both have recovered from the incident. Who am I kidding? She’s recovered! I’m traumatized. My daughter leapt off the couch and plowed straight into the floor. She was sitting there reading and I turned around to turn on her noise machine and this is what happened! She swelled up immediately, panic flooded my heart, and all the what ifs pounded on the doors of my mind. I was able to ice it for a bit, and when Scott walked in the door from getting  a new lock for our mailbox, she was all smiles and giggles. I called a friend who has three boys, I figured she’d know what to do, and was encouraged that I am in fact not the only mother in the world whose child has hurt themselves! And,  no, I’m still a good, caring Mom. No, I’m not irresponsible (but a little more untrusting of Ellie’s squirmy tendencies). And, yes, yes, she’s days away from being called a toddler. Gooseegg



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6 responses to “Goose egg- a sure sign your baby is soon to be a toddler

  1. Wow!!! Impressive! I am so glad she is fine. This was a good reminder for me of their resilience as I feel so nervous at the moment.

  2. Amy I

    Wowzers! That is quite the shiner! I remember Noah’s first major face-plant. So glad kids are made of rubber! I’m glad sweet Ellie is okay…and that you are recovering. 🙂

  3. Sherry

    It’s a right of passage as a mom. Now you’ll never say, “How does that happen?” when you hear of another kid’s accident. Klara bumps her head pretty much every day, now, but the first one sure hurt the worst–for both of us. Love you!

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