I’m the proud wife of a handsome man also known in our house as The Ottoman historian, mother of 2 cute kids whom we call our playful little otters, and resident of Istanbul, the city on two continents. This blog is a little about the world that we live in, the life that we enjoy, and some of my learnings along the way. I hope that you enjoy!


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  1. Hi! A friend of mine in TX, Amy D., gave me your blog site. She said you guys have a mutual friend. Anyway, my husband and I moved to Budapest from Houston in October. We are having a hard time finding a church – have you guys found one?

  2. A fleur

    Dear Melissa, how can I get in touch with you? I have just moved to Budapest and am eager to learn more about your experience as soon-to-be-mom there! A

  3. My husband let me know about your blog, he also knows your husband. We leave on Monday for Budapest and then Paul & I will venture to Istanbul the week after. As a family, we have a huge heart for Istanbul and Turkey in general. I just find that this world is so much smaller each year with all the connections worldwide I find. Thanks for sharing about your journey and life abroad, I’m excited to start following you. Who knows, maybe we can be blogging buddies eventually.

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